999AllStar.com Challenge - 9 Hot Dogs, 9 Beers in 9 Innings
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The 999AllStar.com Challenge Official Rules

The following are the Official Rules to attempting the 999AllStar.com Challenge.
  1. You must be of legal drinking age to attempt the 999AllStar.com Challenge.

  2. You must have a designated driver to attempt the 999AllStar.com Challenge.

  3. You must have 1 witness to verify the 999AllStar.com Challenge.

  4. One beer must equal a minimum of 12oz.

  5. Hot dog AND BUN must be consumed.

  6. More than one beer and one hot dog may be consumed during an inning. However, a total of 9 beers and 9 hot dogs must be consumed by the end of the 9th inning. (no extra innings)

  7. The 999AllStar.com Challenge can be performed at the ballpark, a sports bar or at a home.

  8. Verification: Digital Photo(s) of YOU, hot dogs and beers at location of attempt. Name of one witness verifying completion of the 999AllStar.com Challenge.

  9. Any baseball game is acceptable (A, AA, AAA, Major League) except little league.

Download the Official 999Allstar.com Challenge Chart

It's worth it. Go for it!
Have fun, be safe and good luck!
999AllStar.com Staff

999AllStar STATS
Members: 113
Member Avg. Age: 36

Hot Dogs Consumed: 117
Hot Dog Avg. Cost: $0.98

Beers Consumed: 117
Beer Avg. Cost: $0.98

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Q: What is your favorite brand of beer?
Milwaukee's Best

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999AllStar.com does not promote or endorse the excessive consumtion of alcholic beverages.
999AllStar.com requires the use of a designated driver when attempting the challenge.
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