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Member Favorite Team Member Since
M., Jonathan Texas Rangers 4/23/2011
M., Tony Boston Red Sox 8/4/2012
M., Kevin Cincinnati Reds 8/14/2008
M., bryan Chicago Cubs 11/9/2009
M., Kyle Seattle Mariners 4/13/2006
M., Jeff Tampa Bay Devil Rays 5/3/2007
M., Brad Baltimore Orioles 9/11/2013
M., Christopher Philadelphia Phillies 8/3/2011

999AllStar STATS
Members: 113
Member Avg. Age: 37

Hot Dogs Consumed: 117
Hot Dog Avg. Cost: $0.98

Beers Consumed: 117
Beer Avg. Cost: $0.98

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Q: What is your favorite brand of beer?
Milwaukee's Best

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